About Us

There is a better way to do Real Estate

We were tired to choose between small and humane firms and big fancy shops. We fixed it by building the first-ever Real Estate consortium in Switzerland.

Alone you go faster, together we go further. RE Group is a family of entrepreneurs who love good work and honest business values.

Yoann Régnier

CEO at RE Group

Real Estate Excellence

Experts meet others experts dedicated to Real Estate

Engaging workplace

Retain more talents thanks to engaging offices

Business Development

Grow your business thanks to the network


Get more business

Every member get a minimum garanteed business volume per year with a target to meet at least 30% of revenues.


Share your costs

As one team we run everything with more impact and scale faster due to our negotiation power.

Our application process

Because of the limited number of seats and our vision to foster quality over quantity, we are very selective in whom we want to join the network.

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Trial period of 3 months
Scale your business
Grow with us