Perché RE Group è così diverso da uno spazio di co-working?

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First, what’s a co-working space?

Usually, in city centres, a co-working space let you rent a hotdesk, a room or an entire office for a given fee. It has become popular during covid for the flexibility of the concept of letting remote teams conveniently meet at the desired moment in a project.

The downside: it is a bit expensive, and not really focused. You might be happy to meet other people from other industries, but usually, the opportunities to leverage your business stopped there.

RE Group is a consortium of Real Estate

Pulling all the value chain of real estate under one roof. That’s the mission we settled on.

Not an easy task as this industry is competitive and usually a lonely wolf type of run. But why should it be so? We believe smart entrepreneurs understand the value of a pack, coming together to be stronger when negotiating contracts or leaner when it comes to optimising our internal resources.

RE Group is imposing a way of working

Not a nice way to say it but let’s cut to the chase. Yes, when you join RE Group, you are going to accept to do things a bit differently if you want to be part of the group. The good news is that the rules evolve, and give you an opportunity to change them from within.

Why rules and what are they? Simply as we need to function with processes and guidelines to be able to scale any organisation, the same is happening at RE Group. By adopting a set of leadership principles and values, the group is able to come stronger, which will impact your own business.

Do you gain something?

Long story short: yes! We commit to a minimum billable for your company with at least 30% of your revenues generated by our services. This means you are still running independently but you know that the cushion brought by RE Group is here to stay. We also protect your own growth by giving you a thematic territory where only your firm will be able to bill to the rest of the market in a given region.

So what’s the catch?

Concretely, you accept to share your offices with others from the same industry, you share the services and customer database in exchange for a minimum guarantee of business. You also benefit from financial services and growth opportunities to expand in other RE Group in Switzerland and one day in Europe.


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